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    Have you ever been to a NASCAR race?

    Watching the cars 'drive around in circles' on TV is NOTHING like seeing them scream past you at 330 km/h LIVE! This is our 6th annual bus trip to Pocono Raceway. Be prepared to leave your 'jaw' on the ground at the track, because that is where it will wind up as soon as you see the first green flag lap!

    Have you ever been to an NFL game?

    The NASCAR bus trips have been so fun and popular, that we decided to add an NFL game for 2016! Most NFL fans from Ontario are used to going to Buffalo for an NFL game, but we are heading to East Rutherford,NJ for a New York Jets game! Tail-gaiting at your home on Sunday afternoon is NOTHING like the tail-gaiting you will experience in the parking lot at MetLife Stadium!